Why Choose Centre WISP?

Our customers have chosen Centre WISP for lots of reasons, from wanting to avoid data caps and de-prioritization with cellular and satellite companies, to wanting faster speeds for video chat services like Zoom and FaceTime!

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Speeds For Every Need

Centre WISP’s expert team is ready to help you get the best internet service available! Information about the different internet packages available in our service areas can be found below.


Each of the areas we service offers slightly different speeds and costs. Please select the County you will be receiving service in:


  • Basic Residential
    • $ 40 Monthly, 24 mo agreement
      • NO DATA CAPS
      • 5Mbps Download Speed
      • 1Mbps Upload Speed
      • Very basic browsing

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  • Bronze Residential
    • $ 69.99 Monthly, 12 mo agreement
      • NO DATA CAPS
      • 10Mbps Download Speed
      • 1Mbps Upload Speed
      • Stream HD on 1 device (Hulu, Netflix, YouTube)
      • General web browsing
      • Remote school work

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Great Value
  • Silver Residential
    • $ 89.99 Monthly, 12 mo agreement
      • NO DATA CAPS
      • 15Mbps Download Speed
      • 3Mbps Upload Speed
      • Stream HD on 2+ devices (Hulu, Netflix, YouTube)
      • Moderate web browsing
      • Remote school work

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  • Gold Residential
    • $ 109.99 Monthly, 12 mo agreement
      • NO DATA CAPS
      • 30Mbps Download Speed
      • 6Mbps Upload Speed
      • Stream HD on 3+ devices (Hulu, Netflix, YouTube)
      • Heavy web browsing
      • Video conferencing and chat

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Our Coverage Areas

If you live inside of the purple boundary below, and can see one of our towers, we can service your home! Use the form below and send us your full street address for more information, or use the “SIGN UP NOW” links above to get started with your service contract.

Centre County

Juniata County and Mifflin County

If you live under the blue highlight below, there’s a great chance that we can service your home! You can sign up using the links on this page when you are ready to move forward.


About Us & What We Do

Centre WISP is your answer for high-speed internet access with no data caps. We’re currently providing internet access in Centre County, Pennsylvania.

Reliable Service

Centre WISP uses proven technology to provide reliable internet access to your home or business.

Unlimited Data

Tired of surprise usage fees? Centre WISP provides unlimited data, so stream away and download that extra movie!

Local Support

Centre WISP’s reps are locally-based so you can count on local support from real people.

Streaming Video

Centre WISP is compatible with streaming video services such as Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, DirecTV Now, Playstation Vue, and more.

More About Centre WISP

Centre WISP in the news, information from our partners, and selected information from our manager.

Please INCLUDE YOUR FULL STREET ADDRESS in your message below so that we can accurately determine if we can service your home.

Monthly, 24 Mo Agreement
Monthly, 12 Mo Agreement
Monthly, 12 Mo Agreement
Monthly, 12 Mo Agreement
Monthly, 12 Mo Agreement
Monthly, 12 Mo Agreement
Monthly, 12 Mo Agreement
Monthly, 12 Mo Agreement
Contact Us With Any Questions

Are you the owner of a multi-tenant building? Interested in more information about commercial packages? Reach out for more info!

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