EBB Program – FREE Internet

May 22, 2021

📌 On Medicaid?
📌 Veterans pension?
📌 Public housing assistance?
📌 Kids on free and reduced lunch program?

If you use any of the programs above, you can get COMPLETELY FREE INTERNET from Centre WISP for at least 6 months through the EBB program.That’s right – if you qualify, you can get fast, reliable internet service installed at your home. And you won’t have to pay for at least 6 months.1. Apply on the FCC website to see if you qualify https://getemergencybroadband.org/how-to-apply/2. DM or email us at info@centrewisp.com and let us know the number you are assigned after qualifying for the program.3. Get fast and reliable internet installed at your home! You won’t get a bill from us for as long as the program lasts! At the end of the program, you can keep paying yourself, or cancel your service.