Privacy Policy Summary

We respect your privacy and value the trust that you have placed in our organization.

  • We do not sell your personal information
  • We do not track websites that you visit, or monetize information about your browsing habbits
  • We do not allow third parties to access information about websites that you visit or your browsing habbits
  • We do not sell or otherwise share or monetize your name, address, email, phone number, or any other PII to third parties
  • In accordance with applicable state, local, and federal laws, we DO cooperate with law enforcement agencies, when specific information is subpoenaed.


Other than for the purposes of network management, and traffic balancing, which occasionally demands that we track connections for short period of time, after which we delete tracking data from cache we do not track IP connections, DNS lookups, or IP address source and destination information.

We do not track cookies, decrypt SSL tunnels, or perform other invasive network monitoring.

We do not store information about websites that our customers visit.

Personal Information

We store information that may be personal and identifiable in nature for our residential and commercial internet access subscribers. This information may include name, phone number, address, credit card numbers (which are stored in compliance with PCI requirements), package information, payment history and terms, support tickets and transcripts of phone calls, and other similar account-related information.

We do not share, monetize, re-sell, or otherwise allow any third parties any access whatsoever to our customer lists or any personal information related to residential or commercial internet service accounts.

Occasionally, third parties, such as our payment card processing partners, may have access to certain personal information that is necessary for us to share in order for those partners to complete the work we have retained them to perform.

Law Enforcement Cooperation

From time to time, specific information about one specific customer at a time, identified by a customer IP address, is subpoenaed by law enforcement. We cooperate with law enforcement requests when we’re compelled by a subpoena to do so, and do not provide information to law enforcement without a lawful order compelling us to.